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"You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow."

Start your own group today and feel free to contact me for help, together,
WE can make a difference in our profession and in the world.

Check out an EPOC near you:
EPOC - St. Louis, Troy Dukowitz,

EPOC- Nebraska, Michael Price, 

EPOC- Vancouver,  Alain Desaulniers,

EPOC - Indiana, Nate Blume,

EPOC - Wisconsin, Jeremy Bria,

EPOC - Portland, Paul Reed,

EPOC - New York, Brian Bartholemew,

EPOC - New Mexico, Derek Atchley,

EPOC - Minnesota, Erick Swenson,  

EPOC - Dallas, Jason Black, 

EPOC - Okc, Scott Schuck,

EPOC - Colorado (Denver), Brian Flemming,  

EPOC - Boston, Ryan Hewitt,

EPOC - Virginia,  Dan Atwell,

EPOC - Austin, Chae Tracy,

EPOC - Michigan (Grand Rapids), Jed Emms,

EPOC - North Dakota, Dustin Barton,

EPOC - Ottawa, Craig Hazel,

EPOC - Idaho, Amy Spoelstra,

EPOC - Germany, Danny Constable,

EPOC - Seattle, Aaron Toler, 

EPOC - Tulsa, Norbert Gallagher,

EPOC - Toronto, Laura Foster,

EPOC - Virginia, Michael Vanella,

EPOC - Winnipeg, Chris Kramp,

EPOC - Philadelphia, Don Rocklage,

EPOC - ????, contact me today to see if you are ready to become an Epicenter!

Other brothers and sisters kicking it with Philosophy Groups:
These two guys inspired me to turn it on in the midwest:

C.O.R.E.  Chiropractors On the Road to Excellence, Matt Hubbard 

D.C.S.  Dead Chiropractic Society, Billy Demoss

33DCS Contact Steve Tillius

MACP:  Massachusetts Association of Chiropractic Philosophy: Peter Kevorkian

New Beginnings: Contact Jim Dubel

Band of Brothers