What they are Saying

Simply put, EPOC Rocks!!!!
Barbara Loe Fisher
Co-Founder the National Vaccine Information Center
The decisions you make, and the actions you take today, sculpt your future, and that of humanity.  Join EPOC's community of visionaries and make a difference.

--Christopher Kent, DC JD
Co- Founder CLA

"There's a significant new force developing, designed to focus chiropractors on purpose, principle and personal power -- it's EPOC, the Epicenter of Chiropractic. Founded and led by Troy Dukowitz DC, it combines the best parts of philosophy groups, masterminds and networking, to provide participants with a positive, uplifting connection with other DCs of like mind, and cutting edge speakers delivering their best material. Anyone within striking distance needs to know about and attend these monthly meetings -- they will make a profound difference in your practice and your life."   
  Dennis Perman,D.C.
Co-Founder The  Masters Circle



The Epicenter of Chiropractic focused on Educating the Public On Chiropractic has been desperately needed both for chiropractic and for the public. Never before has chiropractic been more important to the health and wellbeing of the masses. The best education on what chiropractic can offer people will come from chiropractors who are willing to speak out with “One Voice”. It’s time for chiropractors to embrace their similarities and work together for the benefit of the human race. EPOC  with its philosophy of service and commitment is one of the important pieces of the health care puzzle that can support the expression of the beautiful canvas that is health through vitalism.

Gilles Lamarche, DC
President of Parker Seminars

 want to thank you for ALL that you do for chiropractic and chiropractors. EPOC is likened to the perfect chiropractic adjustment – delivered at right place, at right time in right direction and with right thrust. EPOC is an idea whose time has come. Know that I stand ready to assist you in your mission to serve more doctors in order to serve more people. You are following Dr. Palmer’s edict to guard well the sacred trust. I love and appreciate you my brother!” -

Dr. Tony Palermo 


“Ones’ life increases in success as one raises one’s standards.  EPOC sets a higher standard for DC’s.  It is a rare combination of discipline and excitement.  Every chiropractor should seek to participate in this movement which promises to create a better future for our profession.”


Patrick Gentempo, D.C.
Co-Founder CLA and CWA